Inspired by Signal’ promise source code, I now build a simple version of “Promise” with main point : Provide a clean interface for running a task on a specific queue, and work with multiple completion handlers.

Running block on a specific queue, it’s just this simple :

Here, we handle…

Inspired by Mike Ash’s let’s build series, I write this article as my initial self-build in a simple version.

Firstly, what dispatch_group_t is ? It is easy to read Apple’s code and figure out, it is just an NSObject object , confronting OS_dispatch_group_protocol.

Then what should my dispatch_group (mn_dispatch_group) be…

One had been an “extreme person”, doing everything with limitless attempt. Also one has some stomach issues.

For reasons, from days to days, years to years, one’s situation went from bad to worse. Till a day, physically, one can barely eat. Mentally, one in the cycle that, should I think…

Nguyen Tuan Minh

iOS developer | Meditator. Be fond of logical and deep research

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