How one becomes happier walking on Vipassana way

Nguyen Tuan Minh
3 min readMar 15, 2022

[Vipassana meditators only]


By mid 2021, I unconsciously practiced Vipassana mechanically. Misery started appearing. In my case, it was misery that the health getting worse and worse. To the deepest days, I almost could not eat anything.

That, on the other, may also be the turning days of my life. May be because of having no other choice, I again, started Vipassana seriously. Two hour at least everyday, weekend made best use of any free time to meditate, the mind gradually come out of its bondage, the health slowly get back to balance. Now, I am OK.


Although your own practice is at most important, taking little daily discourse time keeps you on true practice. In my case, I listen discourse 15 minutes everyday. For example, thanks to the discourse, I understand more clearly Buddha’s teaching that in every day life, you should aware of your bodily structure every living moment. It brings some benefit if when walking, you aware of you are walking, when you eating, you aware of you are eating. But it’s not Buddha’s teaching and it does not take you to the deep. Buddha’s teaching is sensation. Along with you eating or walking, you aware of some sensations or others, may be on the mouth, on the leg. And thanks to truly comprehending this, my mind gets calmer, deeper and the process gets much better.


The main part of your getting benefit is of course your own practice. As teacher Goenka’s teaching that, doesn’t make it a ritual, doesn’t make it mechanical. I do a review everyday that why I Practice Vipassana and how I practice Vipassana. Since then, my own meditation go on track and really, I fell the clear improvement in my own happiness.

Why you practice Vipassana ? To keep the mind calm, quiet and to purify it from your past sankara.

How you practice Vipassana ? Follow the breath when the mind is unstable , then keep on body sensation systematically whenever the mind get a little calmer.

Daily activities

One again, as teach Goenka said, this also very important in helping you walking on Vipassana way. If the meditation is your practice, then the daily life is your own examination. How you keep applying whatever you’ve learn and how your activities also strengthen your practice. In my case, apart from doing things wholeheartedly, I usually put my own attention on body structure. That way, I normally keep the mind calm and quiet. The wild mind has no chance to control me, to get me out of the balance state. That, also to keep Tharma to always by my side.

One last word

Again, in my own experience, it’s vijira-effort parami, which I possess a big cup, however, it’s just a little extreme and I myself have it for the purpose of self-center. That, not only I get no benefit, but it keeps harming me dramatically for a long time. Learning to go on the right way and sometimes, even to give up, balance my life in the way to happiness.


It not new what I’ve said as they all be Mr Goenka’s teaching. But it’s my own way of walking on Vipassana way, the way to happiness. Hoping that, this may help someone being confused in life, can be inspired to walk on this path, which will surely brings them true happiness.



Nguyen Tuan Minh

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