How Vipassana reborn one’s life

One had been an “extreme person”, doing everything with limitless attempt. Also one has some stomach issues.

For reasons, from days to days, years to years, one’s situation went from bad to worse. Till a day, physically, one can barely eat. Mentally, one in the cycle that, should I think about the “should I think about the..”. No way out.

Luckily, one got to know Vipassana from a colleague. Initially, the “being freak out mind” at the time gradually got to be gentler and gentler by concentrating on one’s own breath, nothing else. Instead of thinking nonsense things, the only thing one did is to observe one’s own breath objectively, which is the initial step to actually get to know one’s own inside.

But the reason for one’s own misery remains unchanged. One should find a way to purify one’s mind. It is the next step of Vipassana. Not to mention deeply about the method here, but by practicing the meditation method two hours daily for nearly two years, not only that one rarely generates hatred or greed, one is forming lots of love, compassion inside.

Hopefully, someone in the dark can quickly find the light leading to real happiness.


iOS developer | Meditator. Be fond of logical and deep research

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