Plant-based diet , for a peaceful and harmonious life.

Nguyen Tuan Minh
4 min readMay 28, 2022

Is it worth a try ?

Mentioned plan-based diet, most people immediately react with nutritious deficiency. However, except vitamin B12, which could be provided by supplement, any other nutritious groups can be replaced by plant dishes, which are far more healthy, environmentally friendly and animal-sympathetic.

While it is true that the dramatic growth of animal farms as well as fish culturing nourish 21st century humans to a new high of body size, various consequences have put us to a real danger. A wide range of diseases like heart attack, obesity, cancer are the most dangerous culprits causing deaths every year. In 2020, the US witnessed heart attack and cancer as the two leading causes. Besides, the environmental cost has also brought us nearer to the ending day. It is estimated that, by 2050, we will surpass 9 billion individuals, requiring 3.7 earth for food with our current farming. Another clear consequence lies in our own society. Animals, like humans, possess feeling as a kind of mechanism for survival, the way we cruelly treat them shown in the way we treat each other.

“Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.”

Albert Einstein.

The initial motivation for the switching into vegetarian lies in loving oneself. If we love ourselves, should we nurture our body by healthy foods or industrial products, which insert our bodies with cholesterol, saturated fat, and a huge excessive amount of protein? Plant food alone is not sufficient to be healthy, better be unprocessed food like whole grain, fresh fruit, vegetable, legume, nut, seeds. Unhealthy food contains diseased culprits like dairy products, farm pig, chicken, refined rice or sugar .. For example, annual milk production per cow has risen by nearly 200% since 1950 to 2010 mostly thanks to our “hormone invention”. By drinking milk, we fill up our body with those chemicals. Besides, cow mile’s protein is cassein, which mother Nature has designed for the calves. It helps the baby cows to grow as fast as 0.7–0.8 kg per day, and surely not a good friend for our own digestion. Additionally, the refined products should also be avoided because they have been removed mostly vitamins and minerals existing in the bran or germ. The leftover is the starch or pure sugar, most likely to be the reason for obesity, diabete 2.

From a wider view, it is loving human beings. Its vital aspect is environment, which is dramatically destroyed by the farming processes. It is estimated that when you buy a hamburger for 2$, it’s true cost is 200$ because of the environmental degeneration. Flesh farming requires huge amount of resources while mother Nature has constantly warned us the signs of exhaustion. A pound of beef protein requires 13 times more water than a pound of bean protein, while clean water is becoming a real shortage. Animal’s manure is pouring into lake, sea causing tremendous pollutants, affecting other beings and our own health. Animal’s food is fortified with hormon for unnatural fast growth . The flesh processing industry is an ideal environment for bacteria to grow. If humans are a cell forming the entire universe, these actions make us a cancer cell and sooner or later the body is going to eliminate it as nature’s rule.

After all, true love should not just limit within our own being, it is also our sympathy for all beings. Imagine you’re raised in a small hub where you’re unable to jump, unable to walk, unable to sit because there’s a crowd around you and all of them suffer the same condition. You conceive waste from the above floors and your waste drops to the ones below everyday. You live every moment exactly that way until you’re brought to a slaughter-house, where your neck is put into a knife and it’s the end for your mentality, but not for your physical existence because later on it will be put into a pizza, hamburger or a KFC. All those things happen because you’re not as intelligent as that cruel creature. Again, imagine there are some species smarter than us, treat us exactly the same way, what would we want to talk to them? Maybe like “Please, we humans have feelings, too. We know hurt, we want happiness. Please give us the freedom to choose how we want to live.”

The truth is that every being wants happiness. A cat, a dog, a pig, or a prisoner, or a leader of a country or even saintly people like Budda, Jesus Christ. The only dilemma is that most people choose the wrong way because of the ignorance of true wisdom. And love is a real means to transport us to the real path of a peaceful and harmonious life.



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