Story of a girl coming out of life issues

The girl is a gentle one. At work, she has no such ambitions of promotions, no cravings of earning money. In daily life, she easily adapts to outside situations. Staying in her home or her boyfriend’s or her sister’s, it’s all ok. In a relationship, the girl even easily forgives her partner’s mistakes of forgetting her own birthday. She lived a happy life.

As it happens, because of some bad kamas, the girl starts generating cravings. When enjoy a beautiful flower, she wants it to be by her side more and more. Being with boyfriend, she expects some special emotion. When events come, all here care is to keep the comfortable sensations and getting rid of the uncomfortable ones. And as it happens, miseries start following her. Miseries of wanted things do not happen, miseries of unwanted things that happen.

Still, there is a way out, out of the painful cycle of nature, get liberated from past mistakes. By just observing all her problems objectively, the girl will initially not multiply them. Continuing deeply on the path, after all the problems arising, the root causes of the problems arise. Again, keep observing without any personal idea. Law of nature is such, when all those things come upon the surface, if one reacts with cravings or aversions, it will multiply, otherwise, it will stay for some time and get lost.

So how to observe the problems? Can it be tasted, smelt, or felt … ? Once again, we are lucky to get to know Budda’s teaching, that whenever a thought arises in the mind, some sensations also appear in the body. By being with the sensations objectively, one will gradually liberate from all one’s human being problems and reach a wonderful state beyond mind and matter.

And, how to practice to be able to observe the subtlest sensations and be objective to them?

May all beings be happy, live a harmonious and peaceful life.


iOS developer | Meditator. Be fond of logical and deep research

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